10 driving tips in Malaysia
The majority of people, driving to Malaysia is the perfect respite from our busy schedules. Traveling by car with your loved ones could be an exciting adventure but without driving tips in Malaysia could lead you in trouble and disrupt your journey. Different countries may have a different style of driving on their road. Here is the video to let you have some impression on how to drive in Malaysia: So, to help you have
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Travel from Miri to Brunei by car-road map
If you are traveling from Miri, it is highly recommended to rent a car to cross from Miri to Brunei as Brunei is around two hours away.     Table of Contents 1. What are the documents needed to enter Brunei from Miri?a. Valid passport.b. Visa 2. What are the car documents needed?a. Own Carb. Rental Car3. When is the best time to cross the border?4. What is the process at the border?a. Car Pass
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It is very true that Miri is known for its day time activities like visiting natural sights such as Niah Cave, one of the world’s largest and oldest cave. However, that should not take away the fun and interesting places for nightlife in Miri. In this blog, we will reveal the 10 nightlife places you can go when you visit Miri, featuring beach, hill, bistro, and night markets. Another great tip for you is to rent
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ehailing vs car rental
In Malaysia, people often travel around in their personal vehicles when public transport isn’t that convenient apart from Kuala Lumpur. With technology having more impact on our lives, travellers tend to leverage on the e-hailing platform or ride-sharing platform to ease their trouble of transporting. Even for daily travelling matters, people also start to debate the benefit between such platform and owning personal vehicles as maintenance and petrol cost are huge considerations too. However, there
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